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A Certain Knowing
A Story of Faith, Courage and Discovery

by Cael O'Maolain

A Certain Knowing is the fun, adventurous and romantic saga of Logan
Keohane, a Houston Firefighter who is kidnapped and left stranded, along
with two young women, Amanda and Elizabeth Krause, on an isolated island in the middle of a dense Louisiana swamp. Believed killed in a horrendous
auto accident, Logan and the girls are left to their own wiles to escape
their frightening entrapment. Meanwhile, Morgan O'Malley, Logan's
girlfriend and soulmate, awaits his return against overwhelming evidence of
his demise, forever keeping faith in his quick return to her side. The
three captives face numerous perils and frustrations in their attempts at
escape, which are overcome by their use of a set of consciousness raising
techniques that Logan had recently learned in a personal evolvement
workshop. He graciously shares his "tools" with his new friends that
prompts an even broader adventure, the adventure into the self! Unexpected
results await the trio as they delve into the deeper recesses of their
psyches and discover how seemingly disastrous events are, in all reality,
the shining beginning of a wondrous new possibility! Morgan, also, learns
the lessons of faith and deliberate living as she applies her newly acquired
techniques to move beyond her fears and resistances and trust her natural
intuitive self. They all, in their own personal way, discover that when in
the creative flow of the Universe nothing is beyond their reach, no goal too
high or dream too big. Explore for yourself with the simple tools explored
by Logan, Morgan, Amanda and Elizabeth and offered as a backdrop to an
exciting, sensuous journey!

Unlike other books of insights and ideas, A Certain Knowing offers the
author's descriptive view of the practical applications of some of the
basic tools taught in the Internationally popular ReSurfacing Workshops
and The Avatar
® Course! Ideas and insights are wonderful, but a powerful,
easy to use technology is beyond compare in the path to higher consciousness and a deliberate life. So be entertained and get a glimpse into
the techniques offered by the Premier Personal Evolvement course in the
world! Find A Certain Knowing within yourself!

Please notify me as soon as a release date is set!

® Avatar and TM ReSurfacing are the registered trademarks of Star's Edge, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 1996 Cael O'Maolain

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