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Believe It!

by Cael O'Maolain

What is it that makes a winning team? Any kind of team; baseball, football, basketball, corporate workplace, factory, small business, marriage, you get the picture. What is it that makes one group of people succeed in their purpose and another fall into the dust?

Some people might say that it's the amount of money spent on the players (employees) and equipment. Others might cite a thing called chemistry, if the players all get along together and bond to form a cohesive unit they're bound to succeed. Still others might leave it all in the hands of fate and circumstance. Then there are those who swear that a combination of the factors above, in various measures, are responsible for championships and profitable businesses. But, what if the true groundwork of success can only be measured by the belief that they will succeed?

The New York Yankees had the highest player payroll in baseball for years and could hardly play .500 baseball. They obviously didn't believe that they could play as a team. Many teams have had brotherly "chemistry", like one big happy family, and not even made the playoffs. The Houston Oilers have had one of the most talented teams in the NFL for years and couldn't get to the Superbowl to play for a championship. They were caught, like the rest of Houston's pro sports teams, in a city's belief that it's teams just couldn't get "over the hump" and be a champion.

Case in point: The Houston Rockets. For years this team has been up and down. From the bottom of the NBA barrel to twice being just game away from an NBA World Championship. But they never brought home the trophy (as it's been for all Houston pro teams). Then 1994, NBA Playoffs, the Rockets reached the critical point where they had been before. They were behind in a championship series and their fans were beginning to say, "Here we go again. Another almost championship." Even after an incredible season, winning more games than ever before in the history of the franchise, the fans recognized their fate; second best.

Then someone came up with a brainstorm. All over the City the media began a blitz of hand held posters in Rocket red and gold saying only "Believe It!" It became the rallying cry of the city, seen on signs and billboards, in windows of cars, heard across the airwaves, paraded before a national TV audience on game night in the Summit Arena. "Believe It!" and guess what, we did! The city focused on believe that the Rockets will win it all. And the belief of a city was changed, we believed we had a champion. Even when history was against them we believed it. Even behind in the series we believed it. And then we found proof! The Houston Rockets are the NBA World Champions!

Coincidence, you say? Perhaps, but nothing else had worked. Other teams who've built dynasties did it because they and their cities believed that they were winners. Companies succeed because they believe that they are successful. Millionaires lose all their money and quickly replace it because they believe it's easy to make a million dollars. The power of belief is everything. If you believe it it's true. Then you will find plenty of "factual" evidence to prove it's reality. Truth is relative, What is totally true for you may or may not be true for those around you. But if you really believe it, without any doubts it is real and true. If you believe it, you"ll achieve it! Simple as that. It's the same with an individual, as it is with a team, company or city. Believe It!

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