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Eternal Equinox

The Poetry of

Cael O' Maolain

Welcome to my poetry pages. Here you'll find a collection of poetry that I've written over the past seven or so years. The poetry cycles from bright, light, fun lyrical romps in the sun to shades as deep as midnight. This is an exploration of the human soul, with myself as the sacrificial lamb. I have included pieces written in classic metre as well as free form ramblings designed to conjure up images from the recesses of the unconscious. I hope you enjoy these pieces and I hope to hear from you, your opinions are valued in my work. These pages will be ever changing, always added to as I post another of a huge compilation of previous works or write something new.

Take time to browse to my home page; Cael O'Maolain, Author . There I have information about my novel, "A Certain Knowing, A Story of Faith, Hope and Discovery" © 1996 Cael O'Maolain. Or click a link below to read my poetry.

I have loosely catagorised my work by composition.

Classical Metred Poetry:

Freestyle Poetry:


All of these pages are copyrighted by Cael O'Maolain