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Chapter 20
A Grand Reunion

        "Gosh, I'm nervous!" Logan admitted to Morgan, feeling a bit embarrassed.  They strolled casually down the long hotel corridor toward the ballroom, where they had been directed.  "I don't know why, it's only been a month since I saw Amanda and Elizabeth.  I guess maybe it's because this is such a different environment.  Their family and my family and everyone is going to be there."

        "I'm sure you'll be fine," Morgan soothed him calmly.  "It was really nice of this Mister Krause to invite everyone up here to Dallas and pay for our lodging and everything!  I can't believe he rented a whole ballroom to have a little welcome back party for everyone.  This guy must really be loaded!"  She laughed, obviously enjoying herself very much.

        "Yeah, that's what the girls say," Logan answered absently.

        "You didn't ever. . . you know, think of ditching me for one of them, did you?" the redhead prodded him, suddenly serious.  "I know you said there was nothing going on between you guys, and I believe you, but, I mean did you ever think of having all that money and a pretty, young woman?"

        Logan laughed, she was starting to sound like an immature little girl.  "Of course not!" he answered boldly.  "How could I even think about that after knowing how we feel for each other.  And Jeez, after what we experienced during our ceremony!  Honey, you are the one for me!  I thought about you day and night while I was gone.  All I wanted was to get back to you!"  The loving Irishman hesitated, looking at Morgan sweetly.  "But maybe if we had been there another month or so. . . ."  He grinned devilishly, Morgan swatting him playfully across the shoulder.

        "You big lug!" Morgan teased, swatting him again.  "I'll show you another month or so while you're sleeping on the couch!"  She laughed fully, grabbing his arm confidently as they turned the corner into the large room.

        The couple was stunned, as maybe a hundred and fifty people or more milled around the floor, listening to the live band playing on the distant stage.  "Jeez, Mister Krause went all out for this thing didn't he?" Logan gasped, stopping in his tracks at their entry.

        "May I have your name, sir?" a distinguished looking gentleman asked as the couple stepped forward.  He held a clipboard with a list of names type written on several pages.

        "Logan, Logan Keohane," the surprised lad answered, undauntedly.

        "Oh, yes, very good sir.  The guest of honor has arrived!  I believe your parents arrived previously and are mixing with the other guests.  They are the charming Irish couple named Keohane, I assume?" the doorman addressed them with a warm, friendly smile.  "This must be the newest Missus Keohane."

        "Yes," Logan answered very proudly, "This is my wife, Morgan.  And you are?"

        "I am John Scarborough, Mister Krause's personal valet.  And I must say, it is very good to meet you, Mister and Missus Keohane.  We've all heard so much about you from the girls.  I'm afraid you've left an indelible mark on those two, a very good one!"  John held out his hand to Logan, shaking hands warmly.  The courteous Valet took Morgan's hand, kissing it lightly.  Morgan giggled softly.  "If you'll pardon me, I must greet the newly arriving guests.  Please proceed and have a smashing time!"  The debonair gentleman stepped casually past them, presenting himself to the newest arrivals.

        Morgan and Logan entered the room delightedly, beginning a search for familiar faces.  "An indelible impression, huh?" Morgan kidded the smiling lad, poking him discreetly in the ribs.  "You never kissed my hand like that!"

        Logan chuckled softly, jostling his new wife sportively with his shoulder.  "What can I say, I'm just an indelible person," he laughed again.  "Look, there's pop."  The cheerful lad weaved through the crowd to his father's side.  "Hey, dad, what time did you guys get here?  We just came in."

        "Oh, I guess about thirty minutes or so," Yancy answered cheerfully.  "What a grand party this has turned out to be!  And to think, I didn't want to come.  If our expenses hadn't been paid I might not have."

        "This is fabulous isn't it?" Morgan responded, wide-eyed, looking around the crowded room.  "I can't believe the trouble they've gone through to arrange all of this!  This is amazing!"

        "Really!" Logan agreed wholeheartedly.  "Where's mom?"

        "She's fishing through the hors d'oeuvres and getting herself and me a drink.  There she comes now.  And my, but she has a handful to bring back.  Go help your mother, son."

        Logan turned, searching the crowd for his returning mother.  Spotting her, the helpful young man shuffled off to assist his mother with the load.  "Hi mom, what've you got?"

        "Hi, Logan!  How long you been here?  Take this," she handed him a glass of dark liquid and a small saucer of finger foods.  "Your father is going to be delighted, they have Guinness on tap here!  This is all wonderful, thanks for bringing us!  Oh, by the way, I met one of your young friends at the bar, Amanda, I believe it was.  What a nice, sweet young girl!  She recognized me right off, said she could see you in my face.  She must have carried on for five minutes about what great things you did for them!  What a sweet girl!"

        Mother and son arrived back to their waiting spouses.  Logan handed the dark brew to his father.  "They've got Guinness, dad, on draught!  Here, mom got you a pint!"

        "Oh my lad, you do know how to bring an old Irishman to a lovely party!"  Yancy smiled at his son, licked his lips, taking a long drink of the brew.

        "Morgan, let's go get a drink.  That Guinness looks wonderful.  Mom said Amanda was at the bar earlier, I'd really like you to meet her."

        "Okay," the nervous redhead responded, still looking incredulously around the crowd.  "I could use a glass of wine myself."

        Logan took his new wife by the hand, squirming through the crowded room to the large main bar.  He was a bit disappointed at his arrival, unable to locate Amanda.  "What would you like, hon?" the disappointed lad asked Morgan tenderly.

        Umm, she thought momentarily, "A glass of red wine."

        Logan turned to order their drinks, coming face to face with Elizabeth.  "Hi," the chipper girl greeted him energetically, "Long time, no see!  It's great to see you, Logan.  Are you going to introduce us or just stand there like a knee on a cypress tree?"  Elizabeth laughed more warmly than Logan could remember.  "He's good at that you know!" the teasing girl addressed Morgan directly.

        "Sounds like you know him well!" Morgan answered cheerfully, grasping Logan's thick arm.

        "Morgan, this is Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, this is my new wife, Morgan!" the young man introduced, looking down at Morgan, who extended a friendly hand to the young girl.  "So, tell me, how've you been?"

        "Just wonderful!  Everything has come together so nicely since we got back.  I've decided to change my major to Research Biology.  Something about that swamp fascinated me and now I can't get enough, you know, studying about new plants and animals and stuff!  Amanda has applied for Med School, can you believe it?  Miss I'm- going-to-college-to-find-a-man-to-support-me!  And she's really excited about the possibilities!  The most amazing thing, though, is how well we're all getting along!  I mean, my father has undergone a drastic turnaround!  He can't spend enough time with us.  And Amanda and I are best of pals now, can you believe that?"

        "That sounds wonderful!  A Research Biologist, huh?  Going back to the swamp after all!"

        "No, I think I'll try a tropical rain forest next!" the happy girl laughed gloriously.  "I've missed you Logan," she started, looking tenuously at Morgan.  "He has been one of the best friends I ever had," Liz explained quickly.

        "You don't have to explain," Morgan answered warmly.  "Logan has told me all about you guys, even how he showed you his rear after falling into that can!  That must have been a sight to behold!" the taunting redhead looked at Logan and laughed.  The surprised young man turned red-faced, hanging his head embarrassedly.

        Elizabeth shrieked with laughter, "That was a trip!" the young girl shrieked breathlessly through fits of chuckles.  "I couldn't believe him!"

        "And just what's so funny here?" the familiar voice of Amanda called from behind Logan.

        "We were just talking about Logan's butt!" Elizabeth shrieked again.  "And the moon that suddenly appeared out of a bucket!"  The howling girl was laughing so hard she lost her breath and grabbed Logan's shoulder.

        "Yeah, that was quite a sight.  And you should of seen his face right after he fell into the bucket!"  Amanda joined into the escapades.  The three girls laughed together hysterically.

        "Okay, enough already about my butt!  Can we change the conversation now, please?" Logan asked the girls awkwardly.  "Morgan, this is Amanda," he stopped, sneering playfully at the girl before continuing.  The laughing gradually subsided and Logan continued, "Amanda this is my wife, Morgan."

        "I've heard so much about you, Morgan.  It's a pleasure to finally get to meet you!  You have a one in million guy there, you're a lucky girl."  Amanda smiled warmly at Morgan, holding out her hand then retracted it.  The warm young woman, instead, put her arms around Morgan's neck, hugging her tenderly.  "If you ever find another one like him send him my way, will you?" she said softly into Morgan's ear.

        Morgan lovingly returned her hug, promising she would do just that.  The two girls separated and Amanda asked, "So, what got the conversation going about Logan's butt?  Did I miss something good?"  She looked around puzzledly.

        "I just told Elizabeth how Logan had told me everything about all of your adventures, even showing you his rear," Morgan returned happily.

        "Oh, he did huh?" the surprised girl looked a bit sheepish.  "If you'll excuse me for just a second I think I'm ready for another drink."

        "That's just where we were heading, may I join you?" Logan asked Amanda warmly.

        "I'd love the company!"

        Logan and Amanda took a few steps to the nearby bar, leaving Morgan and Elizabeth chatting and giggling amongst each other.  Ordering their drinks, Amanda looked at him seriously.  "Did you tell her everything?  Even about the morning that. . . ." she stopped as the bartender set the drinks in front of them.

        "No," Logan comforted the worried lass softly, "I believe that some coffins are best left unopened."  He smiled lovingly at Amanda, relief flooding her face.  "So, I hear you applied for Med School, what brought on that decision?"

        "I guess the change was from the things that I saw that were possible, especially what happened with your hip and all.  When I helped you with your injury, I decided right then and there that helping people was something that I wanted to pursue.  If I can find out what you did that day, maybe I can give the world a gift and show others how to heal themselves without chemicals, hospitals and pain and suffering for a lifetime!  I've discovered that my life is worth living after all!  And I thank you from every ounce of my being for giving me enough of an opening into that possibility that even a person as blind as myself could finally get the drift.  Logan, I love you, you're one of my best friends in the world!  Thank you so much for everything!"  She reached out, taking his hand lovingly.

        Logan was touched deeply.  The appreciative young Irishman had never realized what an impact he made on these girls.  The only real impact the lad considered having on anyone was putting out an occasional fire.  The joyous lad soaked up her admiration like a dry sponge in a full bucket.  The warmth she radiated permeated his very bones.  "Oh, Amanda, I love you too.  And you've had such an impact on me, too, that I can even begin to describe it.  Thank you for everything, I'll be your friend forever!"  Picking up their drinks, the couple moved through the line toward the others.  Morgan and Elizabeth were still chatting and laughing.  "Hey guys," Logan greeted them as he and Amanda approached.

        "Logan, guess what!  I invited Elizabeth to come and stay a couple of weeks with us in Ireland this summer!  Won't that be grand!  You guys can catch up on old times.  And of course we want you to come too, Amanda!" his new wife blurted out excitedly.

        Amanda looked over at Logan and smiled.  "That'll be a blast!  I told daddy all about your new opportunities and all.  Now we get to come visit.  How fun!"

        Logan looked at Morgan smiling ear to ear.  "What a grand idea!  We'd love to show you guys around the countryside."

        "The Mullins' already said we could use any of the B and B's if we wanted to bring guests over.  Jeez, now I can't wait!" Morgan answered comically.

        "Well, come on.  You told us the overall of what you are going to be doing in Ireland, now give us the details of how it happened!" Amanda prodded insistently.

        Logan began telling Amanda the story of Morgan's encounter with Jim Mullins and how his needs perfectly matched their qualifications.  The young girl stood before them dumbfounded at the relationships and synchronicity of all the happenings.  Elizabeth finally had to go and pry the drink from Amanda's hand as she stood spellbound before Logan.  Morgan interjected frequently offering her perspective of the situation, making the story even more intriguing to the girls.

        "My God," Amanda finally uttered softly.  "You bet I'll come and visit!  And I'll be calling before that. I want to find out about all of this stuff as it's happening!  No more Miss Meekness!"

        "Oh, another thing," Logan returned again.  "Did you hear they caught that DuBose fellow?  Seems the guy was so intelligent that he used his real name and address for his airline tickets to Baton Rogue!  I guess the cops didn't have to search very hard to find him after that.  I guess we'll all be together at some point to testify in court against him."

        "Yeah, we heard about that yesterday." Amanda answered happily.  "They say the trial probably won't be for about a year, however, so we'll have plenty of time to recover!"

        "Look, there's our dad!" Elizabeth interrupted, pointing through the crowd.  "Come on, he wants to see you."  Elizabeth grabbed Morgan and Logan by the arm, dragging them through the crowd.

        Logan slightly remembered Roland Krause from their brief introduction at the Sheriff's Office.  The cheery looking fellow was a handsome man of forty some-odd years, greying at the temples but with fire in his eyes.  Logan could readily see where Amanda got her feistiness.  "Dad," Elizabeth called to her father.  "Hey dad." Hearing his daughter's voice, Roland looked their way.

        "Elizabeth!  Amanda!  And who is this you have with you?  Oh, Logan, yes, or course I recognize you!  And you must be the lovely bride, Morgan!"  Morgan blushed for the first time at being called a bride.  "How wonderful to finally get an opportunity to meet you, Morgan, and to see you again Logan!  I've heard so much about you, I've been searching everywhere tonight to locate you.  In fact, I ran across your parents only five minutes ago.  They say you're getting ready to move to Ireland!  Beautiful country, my wife and I, may she rest in peace, went there soon after we were married, spending almost a month touring the countryside.  A lot has changed since then!"

        "You never told us you and mom went to Ireland!" Elizabeth objected sternly.

        "You never asked!" the man simply replied, smiling lovingly at her.

        Logan took Roland's extended hand, shaking it firmly.  "It's a real pleasure to see you again sir!  The last time we met was such a brief encounter.  I've heard a lot about you, too.  You have two wonderful daughters, here.  I can't think of two people I'd rather be stranded in the middle of nowhere with.  Except, of course, Morgan," the young man continued shyly.

        "Well, I still can't tell you how appreciative I am of you taking care of my girls.  I don't know what you guys did out there, but, I do know they've come back really focused young women.  Did they tell you what all they're up to?  I'm so proud of them and I love them both dearly!"

        Both girls blushed, their father wrapping his arms around their shoulders, kissing each on the forehead.  "Oh dad," Amanda replied coyly, Logan, however, could feel how much she was loving the attention.  The smiling lass had been missing her father for a long time.

        Roland took each girl in turn, hugging them lovingly.  Releasing his warm embrace, the gentleman turned to Logan and Morgan.  "What do you think?" the proud father asked the smiling couple, waving across the busy room.

        "This is fantastic!" Morgan blurted out ecstatically.  "We were expecting a small get together, just to kind of let everyone meet one another.  You really know how to throw a party, Mister Krause.  Thank you so much for inviting us!"

        "Well, this wouldn't be much of a party without Logan here, after all he's done for my daughters and myself," the gentleman responded loudly over the impinging crowd noise.  Pausing his conversation, Roland briefly looked over the crowd annoyingly.  "Let's go somewhere quieter!" the suddenly disturbed gentleman finally continued, taking Logan and Morgan each by an arm.  Weaving through the growing crowd, the trio, followed by Amanda and Elizabeth, scampered to the nearest exit.  Wordlessly, Roland led them through the large double doors, into the surrounding hallway.  Passing through a heavy line of familiar, arriving guests, the cordial host greeted each with a quick smile and, "Hello, good that you could come.  I'll be back shortly."

        With the young Irish couple still in his grip, the hurrying gentleman continued down the crowded hallway searching for a quieter location.  Slowing his pace somewhat, the fellow smiled quickly at Morgan and Logan, stating, "I hope you don't mind leaving the party for a few minutes.  I have something I'd really like to discuss with the two of you.  I prefer to speak in a much quieter place, know of any?"

        Mystified, Logan looked at his young wife, shaking his head negatively.  Morgan also had a puzzled look on her face.  What could this guy want? Logan pondered.  It would be a little easier to read into the situation if he knew the man a little better.  As it was, the startled young man was feeling a bit concerned.  What if the man thought I did something to his daughters?  Or, what if he thought I was somehow involved in the kidnaping scheme?  What would he do then?

        Arriving at the Reception Desk, Roland asked directions to the Hotel Lounge.  "Should be quiet in there," the directing man informed the small group.  Almost trotting down the wide hallway, Morgan was having difficulty keeping up with the longer legged men.  "Oh, there it is!" the hurried fellow announced.

        That phrase sounds kind of familiar, Logan smirked, thinking of the captives initial arrival to the tiny island hideout.  Quite a different circumstance this time, however.

        Almost bursting through the heavy wooden swinging doors, the party entered the quiet pub.  Roland looked diligently over the available tables, choosing a larger table near the rear of the room, away from most of the other customers.  "This should do just fine," the satisfied man agreed with a smile.  The little group sat around the circular table, Logan dying with curiosity.   Why didn't he at least give us a hint as to what this is all about, before dragging us into this place? the worried young Irishman wondered.  I hope nothing's wrong!

        Settling himself into the cushioned chair, Mister Krause looked seriously between Logan and Morgan.  "I'm really sorry about dragging you out of your own celebration, however, there's something I really want to talk with you about for a few minutes," the older gentleman began seriously.  Dumbstricken, Logan looked at Morgan, who stared at the speaking man with a look of astonishment written across her bewildered face.  "I. . . I  .really don't know how to begin.  I don't know how much my daughters told you about my situation over the past few years, but, maybe that's where I'll start.  You see, Mary, my wife, died of a cerebral hemorrhage about five years ago.  I was devastated.  I loved my wife very much, and everything just happened so suddenly!  I immersed myself into my business, trying to block out the pain of her loss.  But, it seemed like nothing could ease my agony.  At first, the avoidance was a trip here and a trip there, trying to find relief.  I found, as long as I was working I could keep my mind off  Mary's memory.  Yet, any time I stopped for a few minutes, she would haunt me again."

        The waitress suddenly appeared out of nowhere, it seemed, the group fixed on Roland's story.  "Can I get you something?" she asked politely.  "Beer, wine, a mixed drink?"

        "No, not right yet," Roland responded with a slight smile, "We'll call you when we're ready."  The harried waitress spun wordlessly, disappearing once again into the dim, smokey room.  Roland folded his arms across the heavy wooden table in front of him.  "Anyway, as I was saying, I found that by staying busy I could avoid the haunting loneliness of Mary's memory.  I soon buried myself so fully in my work that I hardly had time to sleep."

        Logan looked lovingly at the man's two daughters.  Amanda stared at her father, tears rolling freely off her chin, dripping onto her tight, black sequined dress.  Elizabeth dappled the tears from the corner of her eyes with a tissue, foraged from her small handbag.  The tender young man could feel a world of compassion for these two young girls.  How many people, he wondered, have misconstrued a loved one's actions as a personal affront, alienating themselves from that dearly loved person because of some misconception?  The empathetic Irishman returned his focus to the father.

        "Unfortunately, the consequences of this action far outweighed what I had hoped, I began to lose my daughters, also.  I didn't think they would understand my situation, so I never tried to explain myself to them, not that it was the proper way to handle things, anyway.  I began avoiding the other two women that I loved dearly, in order to keep from showing my pain.  I didn't want to hurt my daughters by showing them how much turmoil I was in."

        Leaning back into the soft chair, Roland laid his hands nervously across his lap.  A tear trickled down the confessing man's face, peeking up at both his daughters.  He seemed unable to look them in the eye at the moment.  Looking toward Logan, the sorrowful man continued, "When Amanda and Elizabeth came up missing, I thought I was going to die!  The last two loves of my life were gone.  I couldn't work.  I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat.  I went into my office, staring at my phone every day until forcing myself to return home to stare at the telephone there, just praying that I would get some word as to their whereabouts.  When Amanda called from Louisiana, I swore at that moment I'd never neglect the love of my daughters again!  I really do love you two!" the now softly crying gentleman looked directly into the eyes of the two sobbing girls.  Amanda pushed roughly away from the table, rushing to her loving father's side, followed immediately by a heavily sobbing Elizabeth.

        "Oh, daddy, I know you love us," Amanda wailed, draping her arms tightly around the tearful man's neck.  "You've made that perfectly clear over the last month!  Elizabeth followed suit, crying openly.

        "We love you, daddy!" the younger sister cried.  "You're the greatest!"

        Logan couldn't help shedding a few tears, himself, at the tenderness of the moment.  Morgan was crying compassionately, along with the loving family.  Roland hugged his daughters, standing up to pull them close to him.  The tearful group stayed locked in embrace for several minutes.

        Eventually, Roland released his grip on the girls, looking each in the eyes, smiling.  "I love you guys so much!" the sniffling father repeated warmly.  He slowly sat back into the chair, wiping his eyes with a white handkerchief, produced from his suit pocket.  Looking at Morgan and Logan, the gentleman smiled slightly and continued, "Anyway, that's not why I asked you two down here.  But, I'm glad the story did come out," he smiled again at his daughters.  "The reason I asked you here is; when the girls returned home, they told me all about what you had done for them and that it is directly from your efforts that they are here right now.  Not only did they tell me these things, but, they seemed so different in their whole approach to life that I am totally amazed!

        "Their ideas were different, their actions were different, everything!  I know I was pretty out of touch with my daughters, yet, these changes were so noticeable that they couldn't be overlooked.  Both girls really chose for themselves what they wanted for their own lives, taking the initiative to change course study at school and really apply themselves!  They seemed different around their friends and family, presenting themselves much more self-assuredly.  But, most of all, both girls seemed to really be at peace with themselves, all this after a harrowing experience that would have traumatized most people for the rest of their lives!"  The narrating gentleman sat silently with a quandaried look across his face.  He leaned forward, drawing nearer to Logan.

        Logan smiled shyly.  He felt a warm, glowing feeling ease steadily through his body.  Wow it felt good to really help someone!

        Roland began speaking once again, recapturing his attention.  "I guess I just wanted to express my thanks to you personally.  First of all, for getting them back here alive and unharmed.  But, also for just being there for them.  I don't know exactly what went on out there in the swamp, but, seeing the results of it maybe we should all go spend some time out there."

        Logan blushed brightly.  "You know there is no need to thank me Mister Krause.  I only did what I felt we needed to do to survive."  Logan squirmed slightly in his seat, feeling a bit uncomfortable.  "Heck, your daughters taught me more than I could ever tell you."  He smiled softly at the two young women.  Amanda and Elizabeth both turned red and hung there heads bashfully.

        "Oh Logan, you. . . ." Amanda started coyly.

        Roland smiled brightly at everyone in the small group.  "Anyway, I offer my greatest appreciation to you Logan and also to you Morgan.  And I also wish both of you the most bessed and happiest future in your new endeavor."

        Morgan and Logan looked at each other with twinkles in their eyes.  "Thank you, Mister Krause," Morgan reiterated.
"We certainly wish you the very same.  I have already invited Amanda and Elizabeth to come and visit us, so now I am personally inviting you as well.  Any time you would like to get away to the Emerald Isle just let us know.  You are welcome to be our guest anytime."

        "Thank you, Morgan," Roland responded thoughtfully.  "That kind of brings me to my next point.  I hear you are going to work for Life Specialties in Ireland."

        "Yes, I am," Logan answered curiously.

        "You know I own a mid-sized oil exploration company." Roland continued, digging for the structure to relay his request.  "We have several offshore rigs up in the North Atlantic.  We must keep all of our crews fire ready and our fire suppression equipment up to date.  I've research your new company fairly comprehensively as of late and would like to train all of my people with you guys.  Not only my North Sea crews but my whole company.  This seems to be a growing company with very high standards.  It's just what we need!"

        Logan couldn't control his excitement.  "Yes sir, I think I'm going to work for a very high class organization.  I will be glad to relay that information to Mister Mullins upon our arrival.  I'm sure he'll be very happy to send you all the appropriate paperwork and all."

        "Oh, there's no need for that," Roland responded with a smile.  "I've already contacted Mister Mullins personally and requested that you be our personal trainer, no matter the cost.  Needless to say, he was very happy to have you on board."

        "Thank you very much, Mister Krause.  I'll do my best.  But, you know, I'll be in training myself for about four months."
        "Yeah, we have found a small cottage out in the country in County Galway." Morgan continued excitedly.  "We'll take a month or so to get settled, then he'll be in training after that."

        "Will you have income during that time?" Amanda asked, concerned.

        "Yeah, we'll have a small salary while Logan trains for his position and I train to run the bed and breakfasts." the smiling redhead answered, "but, Logan and I will manage.  We both have some money saved up, enough to supplement ourselves for a while."
        Roland reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small, leather bound book.  "I don't think you'll have to worry about that for a while, dear." the gentleman smiled at his oldest daughter.  Producing a gold ballpoint pin from his shirt, Roland opened the leather booklet.  "I can' let you guys go off and struggle financially.  If there's one thing I have plenty of it is money.  You have both shared more with me and my family than I could ever repay.  But at least consider this a token of my appreciation."  The smiling gentleman began writing in the checkbook.

        Morgan and Logan looked at each other gleefully.  The excitement sparkled in the beaming redhead's emerald eyes.  The young Irishman smiled ear to ear, unable to hide his joyous excitement.  Wow, this was unexpected.  "Mister Krause, I. . . I just can't. . . ."

        "You know I won't take no for an answer!"  Roland beamed.  "It is really important to me for you to accept."

        Elizabeth and Amanda chimed in, still standing behind their father.  "Yeah, you better listen to him!" Elizabeth giggled.  "He really doesn't accept no as an answer."

        "Yeah!" Amanda joined, "You guys are going to have to get everything ready for our visit anyway!  We're not coming until you say yes."

        Roland Krause finished writing the check, tearing the slip of paper out of the small folder and handed it to Morgan.  "Here, you take this and put the funds to good use."  He smiled warmly at the young Irish couple.

        "Thank you so much, Mister Krause!  I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in Ireland."  Morgan took the slip of paper, looking quickly at the writing.  The stunned redhead's eyes opened widely.  "Mister Krause," she stammered, "we. . . we really can't take this!  My God, it's. . . ."

        "It's for you guys," Roland interrupted.  "If anyone should be feeling unworthy of something, that should be me.  All I have given is money.  What has been returned to me is life!  I have my daughters, my peace of mind, a hope for a loving future.  Money is really a poor way of repaying the return of my spirit.  Unfortunately, this is the only way I have at the moment."

        Morgan looked disbelievingly at her husband.  "Honey, we have two hundred and fifty thousand dollars," the shaking girl almost mumbled.  "Two hundred and fif. . . ."

        Logan's jaw dropped.  This was incredible!  Yeah, he really liked living in the creative flow of life!  "Oh, thank you so much, Mister Krause!  I don't know how to. . . ."

        "You're very welcome," the smiling man responded warmly.  "Only, if you call me Mister Krause once more, I might take it back!  My name's Roland, I want to be your friend!" the laughing gentleman blushed.  "Now, with the formalities over, what do you say we head back to the party and celebrate a little!"

        "Let's go," Amanda and Elizabeth shouted simultaneously.

        "I'm for it!  That's one thing I'm learning to do very well, celebrate!" Logan agreed heartily.

        "It's party time!" Morgan squealed, tucking the check securely into her purse.

        Logan walked quickly over to Morgan, "Oh, honey, I love you so much!  We are going to have such a grand life in Ireland!  Together we are unstoppable, know that?  I'm so glad I met and married you!  We have a long, glorious life together just waiting for me and you!"  The loving Irishman kissed his wife tenderly.

        "You are for me, Logan Keohane!" Morgan answered tenderly, turning toward the waiting celebration.

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