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Q.P. 101:

Life in the Spin Cycle

by Cael O'Maolain

What are Miracles? Do they really exist? What about psychic experiences or 
people like Sai Baba and others who reportedly materialize things at will 
out of thin air? Is it all a big hoax or some esoteric mumbo-jumbo that can
have absolutely no value in everyday life? Or could it perhaps have some 
connection with the way we live and the way things show up in our lives?

Modern science is finding some truly amazing facts in the way that nature 
is "put together". In the field of Quantum Physics, which is the study of 
the properties of quanta (all particles smaller than an atom; which are the 
basic building blocks of all matter), scientists have found that a quantum
can behave in different ways. One experimenter will find that a particle has 
mass (solidity and weight) where another experimenter working on a like 
project at another location finds the same particle to be only energy, 
completely massless. The oddest thing about the whole situation is that
the scientists found that the quantum particle behaved just as they thought 
they would while doing the experiment. The only common link was the thought
of the individual scientist. So, what the researcher believes controls the 
behavior of the particle! Could there be a correlation?

In the same field we find that each type of quantum has a certain "spin" or
vibration. Certain spins or frequencies (the harmonic pattern of a vibration)
attract other quanta, bonding together to form atoms, molecules, cells, 
trees, air, people, etc. While other spins or frequencies repel each other
and form the energies; the nuclear forces, electromagnetism, gravity and 
thought(?). Now, what we notice is that these basic units of all matter are
not static, they are dynamic, in movement, spinning, vibrating, bonding and
repelling, setting up harmonic or resonance patterns. These patterns will 
do one of three things: attract a like pattern, bond with it becoming 
stronger, larger and with more mass (ignoring unalike patterns), repel other
particles remaining completely independent (energies) or, given enough 
energy, bond with other particles of differing frequencies changing the 
properties of both quantum to create a new substance.

You may still ask, What the heck does this have to do with me in my everyday
life? What do quantum fields have to do with my experience of life? Just 
hang onto your hat, partner, for the ride because all of our experience is 
determined by these factors.  

Our bodies are only a conglomeration of quanta; spinning, vibrating, using 
energy, storing energy, acting as a magnet either attracting or repelling 
energy being bombarded at us from every conceivable angle. Our physical 
bodies, our memories, our beliefs are all made up of the same quanta. Yes, 
beliefs and memories are based on the same tangible/intangible stuff as our
physical bodies, the walls of our house or a star in deep space. Beliefs are
only ideas that are presented to us, as energy, that we align with as a 
truth or pattern for life, whether consciously or unconsciously. They are 
stored in various places in the body as Electro/Chemical reactions in host
cells. Beliefs, being Electro/Chemical in nature, are made up of quanta, of
course, and energy. Therefore they have mass, substance and weight, and a 
particular spin or frequency. Memories are proofs of those beliefs that are
attracted as experience, logged and stored along with their corresponding 
beliefs (remember, like spins readily adhere to one another). The more
memories/proofs that we encounter and store the more mass and energy that 
particular belief has to attract more experience. Several like beliefs can 
even have similar spins bringing them in conjunction making them even more 
powerful! The belief itself might even get completely hidden at the core of
this memory/proof cluster generating experiences apparently for no reason 
(random acts). Thoughts, therefore, are the energy particles released by a 
belief, polarized with the same quantum spin which acts like an antenna 
directing like energy towards it's source. Thoughts, themselves, do not 
adhere, being energy, to other quanta, only direct a quantum particle of 
like polarity and value to the source of it's energy supply along it's wave 
pattern (the repelling energy). 

Our sensory organs (eyes, ears, touch, etc.) only perceive wave forms of 
energy (and only a very narrow spectrum of what exists in the Universe) 
sending signals to the brain which reinterprets it as a house, a chair, Mom,
soft, good, bad, whatever, you get the picture. Other wave forms out of
the perceptive spectrum pass unnoticed through these channels. They may, 
however still have an effect on the quanta that they come into contact with.

Now, knowing that our bodies are a collection of quanta which can only 
react with incoming quanta in one of three ways it's pretty easy to deduce 
how we are affected by outside forces. To add to this, our beliefs (which 
remember are as tangible as our physical selves) act as a kind of shield 
or buffer or filter, if you will, for incoming quanta. They send out energy (thoughts) 
attracting like spins or frequencies which give us our experiences (all 
experience must be attracted by a similar energy wave form), they ignore 
any unalike spins or, with sufficient energy applied, the incoming quanta 
will react with the attracting quanta changing both.

Still, you ask, what does this have to do with me not having enough money 
for the date I want with the gorgeous redhead I dream of or for the new 
Diablo, sports car, that I'd like parked in my garage? If we have a belief 
that redheads don't like us or that we could never make enough money to keep
a woman like that satisfied then the frequencies of those beliefs will not 
attract the frequency that she might have of, yes, I'm a redhead or I really
like the finer things in life. Or, if I have the belief that I could never 
afford a $250,000 car will I ever experience that reality (considering every 
reality is only another group of spinning quanta)?  If thought forms are the 
energy released by a belief, having the same polarity as the belief, then 
what kind of experience would that belief attract?

There is yet hope. Remember that two quantum particles can, with sufficient
energy applied, be combined changing the energy signatures, or spins, of 
both thereby forming a new substance. This energy is generally called "Heat 
Energy". But, remember in high school thermodynamics we learned that heat 
is only the excitation of molecules, or on a base level, quanta. In other 
words, heat is anything that facilitates the speeding up of quantum 
particles in their movement to produce more energy which is in turn released
exciting more surrounding quanta until the amount of initial energy is 
equally distributed, thereby combining the energies and forming a new 
substance. Differing spins require differing amounts (cycles) of input 
energy. Our mind only interprets heat as "hot". When we get burned we 
experience an energy transfer that speeds up the quanta in our bodies which
then oxidizes (combines with/releases oxygen) changing the physical 
structure of the molecules to where they can no longer be used as a body 
(not desirable in most cases).

When we focus attention particles, which are the creating energy of 
Consciousness, onto a belief we can alter the frequency that that belief 
generates thereby attracting a different experience than was previously 
being experienced. Or, by consciously removing the attention particles from
a particular belief it will no longer have any creating energy to regenerate
itself and it's correlative experience (permanently "dis-creating" it, if 
you will). Consciousness can also deliberately focus enough attention 
particles to create a totally new belief structure which will generate a 
specific spin (or frequency) thereby attracting like frequencies giving the
bearer an experience that is preferred rather than a default experience.

"But aren't attention and thought the same thing?" you may ask. No, thought
is the resulting energy pattern or flux generated by a memory/belief cluster
while attention is the focused energy particles of the consciousness itself,
which is the creator of all quanta in the first place. Consciousness is not
of the same makeup as the physical body, but that's another subject in 
itself best saved for another time. So, if I entrain focused heat energy on
a belief that I've found will it do the same thing as  attention? You ask. 
Well, something will very definitely change.

"Focus my attention? That seems like a pretty simple thing to do," you might
say. Yes, it is simple! At least after someone learns the procedures to 
truly focus on the core of a belief cluster (This is what The AVATAR® Tools,
taught on The AVATAR® Course, are designed to deal with. First uncovering 
beliefs that have been hidden from our view then deliberately focusing the 
energy of attention on the belief in order to alter it's makeup or 
"dis-create" it permanently so that different experiences can be realized 
in that area of life). Normally the biggest deterrent is in the inability 
to recognize the real causative belief which has the specific spin that 
attracts a specific experience. Some people search for years to find the 
causes for their "traumatic occurrences" even if they believe the fact that
they are creating the experiences themselves. Remember, these beliefs can 
become so impacted with experiential "proofs" that they get buried under 
piles of rubble hiding them from view. Now with tools like AVATAR appearing 
as a technology this process can be accomplished in a few simple steps 
taking only a few minutes. That's how I spell Belief Relief!  

There you have it:  Q.P.101; Quantum Field Reductions for Practical 
Application. Your last question might be: Does this guy know what he's 
talking about? What do you believe?

® Avatar is the registerd trademark of Star's Edge, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 1994, Cael O'Maolain